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Now for all you socks lovers who want to see more than just socks , this video is just for you. Recently cameras were allowed back behind closed doors at the OSC factory to witness the production processes of superior quality socks - uniquely designed and made by OSC. 

All socks are made on circular knitting machines. The knitting machine needles are mounted on a single cylinder (for flat knits) or a double cylinder (for ribs). As the cylinder turns, the needles interlock loops of yarn, beginning at the top and working towards the toe. When socks come off the knitting machine, the toe is open, but otherwise it looks like a complete sock.

Toe Lin
After the individual pieces are turned inside out and inspected for defects, the toe of the sock is closed or seamed on a separate machine.



oarding Workshop
In boarding, socks are stretched dry or moist over flat metal or wooden forms of the desired shape and size. Heat is applied which gives the sock its shape, form, and a smooth appearance.


lity Controls
Quality controls ensures all products meet client's specification through series of inspections. Visual inspection is used to once again check for any defects in the sock.



In packaging, the socks are paired and placed in the appropriate type of packaging. Packaging may consist of bags, hang tags, adhesive bands, cardboard inserts, cardboard backing, stickers, and labels.


Sales Office
Our two sales offices are based in Bangkok. 10 staff are ready to assist all potential and existing customers. It opens Monday through Saturday from 8am to 5pm.


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