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Choices in Styles

Socks are an apparel bargain that generally fit in to different categories depending on consumer’s need. Socks are designed, priced and packaged for virtually every one. Any specification regarding size, weight, color, and yarn quality of socks can be implemented as desired by the clients. Sizes available are men, ladies, youth, toddlers.

Casual Style -
With exception of dress and athletic socks, casual socks describes most men's and all women's socks.

Sports/ Athletic & Outdoor Style -
These are specially designed for sports: football, tennis, golf,  etc.

Dress/ Novelty Style -
These are for special occasions, seasons, or novelty purpose. They may have special embellishments. 

Choices in Length

Over the calf/ Knee high socks
Provide coverage to the top of the calf below the knee and wear well with all type of shoes. Knee-highs are fashion socks available in variety of patterns, usually worn in a colder weather with skirts & shorts.
Feature: Durability and wicking co-exist

Crew/ Work/ Boot socks
Provide coverage up to mid-calf and may be worn straight-up, cuffed or scrunched. They are available in different sizes or textures and may be modified as a work sock.
Feature: Optimum airflow and moisture transfer

Cuff socks
These provide coverage between the ankle and calf. They can be worn year-round especially with shorts, and wear well with all type of shoes except ladies dress.
Feature: Thin and breathable

 Ankle crew/ Quarter socks
These cover the foot up to the ankle and wear best with athletic and casual shoes.
: Mid-foot compression banding for stabilization

Footie/ Low cuff
These cover the foot, stopping below the ankle. They are popular in hot weather and are sometimes embellished with stripes or logo. They wear best with athletic and casual shoes.
: A secure, durable, dynamic fit

No show socks
These are covered by a shoe for a 'no socks' look. They are popular in hot weather.
Feature: Reinforces high stress area. The lightweight leader.

Choices in Yarn

 Natural Fibers


It is comfortable with a soft hand, absorbs moisture from the foot and has good color retention & stretch


Mercerized Cotton
It is cotton that is treated to give higher luster and a softer hand given its richer colors than regular cotton.


It is the soft, curly hair of sheep that is spun into yarn. Wool is warm, sturdy, and durable. It has a crisp, resilient hand and excellent insulating properties, even when wet.


Synthetic Fibers

This man-made fiber is warm & light weight. It keeps its shape well and good for its resilience, softness, easy care, minimal shrinkage, rich coloration and the ability to wick sweat away from the foot. 

A man-made fiber that is abrasion resistant has excellent wash-ability. It is really heat-settable.

It's the first and oldest of the true synthetics. This fiber is famous for its strength, abrasion resistance, dimension stability, soft hand, elasticity and easy washing characteristics.

Spandex / Lycra (Elastane)
It is a man-made elastomeric fiber used in place of a rubber. It can stretch to more than five times its relaxed strength and recovered. It provides better size ranges, improved fit and better comfort.

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